dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Virgen de les graphistas (Jania Amador)

Urbanisme destroy humanity

The Breakfast

L'amertume de la défaite variation

The garden is full of metal


The laureat

The sacrifice of Yoshihiko

The shy Bird

Man with a cigarette

Une romance arabe


Vive la fête

Yakusa back

War against humanity

Wildcat never drink milk

Peace off

Proud to be black

Robert Mitchum, 2 rainbows & a legion of hamsters

African Griot Rubicub

Russian 1

Russian 2

Russian 3


Save the cheerleader

Seeing through apparences

Skin territory

Tales from Louis Hardin..

Christmas stars

Spirit of Peter Beard

Naked women & bird

Nature Vs Urbanisme

Never lost your dream

Never trust a rabbit

Parfum des colonies

Ocean's Widow

Ordeal euphoria 1

Ordeal Euphoria 2

Origami girl

Origami republika

Parapluie Chinois 1

Parapluie Chinois variante